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With time, each plant faces the need to exchange old systems to new ones. However, even the most modern devices will be useless if they are not assembled professionally. For that reason, you should trust our experts which undergo regular training that allows them to have access to expertise on the latest technical solutions. They will assembly your new production lines and industrial machines with the utmost precision. A thorough planning of all phases of work permits our Staff to maintain continuity of work without unnecessary interruptions. Hence, the start-up of new installations can take place in a very short time.


Even though during large-scale assembly we deal with true giants, it is here that exceptional preciseness and accuracy are most needed. Only experts with equally gigantic know-how and proficiency are able to perform correct assembly of large-scale devices. Our Staff is superbly prepared for this type of assembly and will perform it surely and reliably. Of course, while at it, we use specialist equipment such as hydraulic cranes, multi-tonne cranes, etc. which makes large-scale assembly become child’s play.


A solid foundation is literally the basis for all subsequent works. Without properly executed foundation operations, there is no point in beginning the next phases. For that reason, our specialists guarantee the proper foundation for every machine and production line. A precisely prepared plan considering all present and future conditions of operation of the machine and the production line gives your business a guarantee of standing on an exceptionally solid ground for long years to come.


To permit the correct operation of production lines and avoid them posing a threat to your production staff, they must be precisely calibrated and levelled. Using our long-year professional know-how and state-of-the-art measuring devices, our trained assemblers will conduct thorough calibration of all devices and installations. Thanks to this, your production line will be launched in a quick time after relocation. In this way, you will avoid unnecessary costs related to a production downtime and you will be able to focus on your business.


Professional disassembly is a must for an efficient and interruption-free relocation of machines and production lines. An incorrectly performed disassembly can damage individual elements and prevent reassembly in the final destination. The professional know-how of our Staff guarantees that all disassembled parts will be properly marked, recorded, packed and transported. During disassembly, we check the condition of individual components and suggest which of them should be replaced with new ones. Such thorough disassembly allows for a quick assembly at the new destination, free of any unpleasant surprises.


A perfectly conducted disassembly will allow to perform an equally excellent reassembly at the new site. A professionally prepared list of all parts permits a quick and economic assembly of your production line. The production plant can therefore be started again in a very short time. In the case of the relocation of only individual machines and devices, we are able to perform their reassembly even with started production without the need to halt it. Let works which require professionalism and experience be performed by experts!


A lack of cleanliness and order at an industrial plant can favour numerous interruptions in its operation, inhibit further development and pose a potential threat. Using the services of our professional cleaning crew, you can prevent this in a very simple way. Our experienced and professionally equipped Staff will make machines, installation, high-storage racks, industrial flooring etc. always clean and bright. A neat and orderly environment guarantees safe working conditions, a high efficiency of the enterprise and a long lifecycle of machines and production lines.


For our business, the closeness to our Clients and partnership cooperation are very important. Hence, we perform our services in every place in the world. Of course, we take into account the statutory regulations in force at the destination as well as typical weather conditions on site. Each phase of works is thoroughly planned by us and the materials are carefully selected. We will also deal with the necessary bureaucracy, prepare all the necessary documents, obtain permits and settle fees.

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